Kodangs is a Bangkok-based brand found in 2010 by 3 design students, Chanipa Nimakorn, Napatr Nimakorn and Pavitra Phornthanavarsit. We have a passion for fashion and culture among countries. With the belief that everyone is an inborn travellers and yearn for exploring new places, new people and new aspects of life, we are here to serve you the best sensation of travelling by the remarkable design of accessories and bags. We aim to introduce the realm of travelling and culture into the design.


The products were launched each season with gimmicks ranging from the unique material or the initiative usage, bringing the new way to use the products. Moreover, we stress in providing customized design for each customers in order to represent their own styles as well. 




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Website : www.kodangs.com 

Facebook : www.facebook.com/kodangs

Email : kodangs@gmail.com

Phone : 086-568-1552




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