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“Light weight pants, very good and functional.

Suitable for portability, good details, all pockets have zippers.”


“Good product, exactly as described, well packaged. Very fast delivery.”


“Very comfortable to wear. You can wear it at home, going out, or going up to the mountain and going to the sea. It's very easy to match, worth it."


Part of the review from #Real customer


KODANGS Umbre short  2 models as Unisex & Women

“It's not just colorful. But we pay attention to every look and every day of your life ”

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Going to the beach, hiking, climbing, diving, camping, chilling at the cafe.

Let every Activity be fully independent without interruption.

Style ready to show every social media.

KODANGS Umbre short - Unisex

Shorts, special Poly fabric.

To feel light and comfortable but not too thin.


KODANGS Umbre short - Unisex

We Added details that understand you.

Zip pocket with key ring.

Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 17.48.56.png

KODANGS Umbre short - Unisex

Enjoy life to the fullest. Don't have to be afraid of dirt.

Poly fabric, easy to clean quickly and easy to dry.

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Show off your inner self where ever you go.

to be worn single or couple 

"KODANGS Umbre shorts" are ready with all themes

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Because style has no limits. KODANGS Umbre short which let you be yourself.

The fabric is in a high shape. Ultimate mobility.


Go through every activity, everywhere you go with 8 vibrant shades.

Choose the one that's right for you here.


“Close the door on the cliches.

and enjoy dressing up the way you are.”


KODANGS Umbre short - Unisex

 Shorts POLY fabric, light, comfortable, quick-drying.

Go all the way, every style, every day.

Unisex Umbre Short

Unisex M waist 25-36 "// hip 42"// length 17"// leg width 12 "// leg circumference 24"

L waist 29-36 "// hip 44 "// length 18"// leg width 13 "// leg circumference 26 "


XL waist 30-40 "// hip 46 "// length 19 "// leg width 13 "// leg circumference 26 "

Women Umbre Short

S (old M) waist 23-27// hip 38"// length 14"// leg width 12"// leg circumference 24" inches

M (old L) waist 25-29"// hip 40"// length 15"// leg width 12"// leg circumference 24"Inches


L (new size) waist 28-34 "// hip 42 "// length 16"// leg width 12 "// leg circumference 24 "Inches


Because the best shorts  mean "Every shorts" KODANGS Umbre short - Unisex/Women.

Shorts that come completly meet the needs of every Generations.


New! With a special POLY fabric, you don't have to worry about fraying threads along the seam anymore because we collect every detail to make everything look smooth, attached to the fabric.


**Special feature**

  • Pants length designed to fit, fit, ready to go through every activity in your everyday.

  • A special type of Poly fabric that is not only lightweight and comfortable, but also comes with good water-repellent properties.

  • Friendly to hot and humid climates Both Thailand and tropical cities How sweaty will it be? Don't worry. The fabric doesn't hold the sweat. Confidence without musty smell during the day.

  • More than 8 shades to choose from. Easy to match every looks. Can go with the original shirt in the closet you have.

This is a feature of shorts that are not the best but you know the most What you want?

Choose a color, enjoy dressing up. giving a light and comfortable feeling. maintaining a premium feel of the fabric.

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